About Me

Hello, I’m Tom.

I’m an experienced Xamarin developer based in London (England, not the one in Ontario, but I’m sure it’s lovely there too).

I have real-world experience with:

  • iOS: iPhone and iPad apps using Xamarin, custom UI elements, push notifications with APNS, in-app payments and subscriptions, publishing apps, streaming audio, background location usage
  • watchOS: building native Apple Watch apps using Xamarin, custom Watch notifications, dealing with iPhone/Watch real-time communications
  • Android: mobile and tablet apps using Xamarin, custom UI elements, push notifications with Google Cloud Messaging, in-app payments and subscriptions
  • App deployment: mobile DevOps including automated deployment to the App Store from Visual Studio Team Services
  • Reactive Extensions: very experienced with using Rx.NET on both client and server, especially for real-time client push updates
  • ASP.NET: writing mobile back-ends with ASP.NET MVC and Web API running on Azure using Web Apps, SQL Server, Azure Storage, DocumentDB and Notification Hubs
  • SignalR: client/server cross-platform communication between mobile apps and a ASP.NET C# back-end

I’m available for contract work remotely or in London.

Say hello: